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Indiana rescues looking for auction – or fundraising — items – contact NOOTERS Club® BEFORE the Northern Indiana Pet Expo June 18-19, 2016

If your rescue group will be at the Northern Indiana Pet Expo in Fort Wayne – AND if your group is going to be holding any type of auction or silent auction soon – reach out to NOOTERS Club® NOW!

We get lots of requests for auction item donations.  We are happy to help with a few items – and love donating NOOTERS Club® items to a good cause – but shipping can get expensive.  So if your group is looking for featured items for your next event, email your request to Lindaw@nootersclub.org  or call 248-253-0300 BEFORE the Expo.  That way, we can plan ahead,  bring your items and save you the cost of shipping.

Ditto to groups that are looking for FUNDRAISING items.  NOOTERS Club® sells WHOLESALE – this means that your organization stands to make a margin of 50% or more on most items.  Example:  We sell a NOOTERS Club® t-shirt for $16 retail.  Your organization can buy the same t-shirt for $8 or $9 depending on quantity.  You can mark-up the price to whatever you would like and that money is yours to keep!

Again – email or call us before the Expo so that we can bring your order with us!  This will saves you lots of $$ on shipping!

For information on the Northern Indiana Pet Expo, go to www.northernindianapetexpo.org.