Stylish pet-friendly living

About this blog:

I am a neat freak who loves nice furniture and has a house full of antiques.  I also have (multiple) cats and (multiple) house rabbits.  When friends come to my home, they are always amazed that I have any pets at all.  What is lacking: pet odors, food bowls all over the floor, chewed up furniture, fur, and any of the other telltale signs of a multiple pet home.

I like to think that this is due to the fact that my pets are well trained little angels. And the fact that I’m a pretty good housekeeper.  The truth is, they are not – and I am not.  They are normal cats and rabbits who have accidents and can be naughty when mom’s not looking.  And I am a normal person – with a life – who does not enjoy spending days cleaning up after everyone.

Instead – we have tried to make some adjustments in our house that will keep everyone happy.   I would like to help other pet owners – who love their pets –but also love their homes —  happily co-exist by sharing some of these tips on this blog.

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