Cement troughs make great litter boxes

With multiple cats, finding anything bigger than the standard size litter box is a problem. So you are stuck with cleaning a lot of boxes!

One day, we were in line at Home Depot and spotted a large – what we thought was a litter box (at Home Depot??) in a customer’s cart.  “Ma’am where did you find the litter box?” we asked. She started laughing and told us which aisle to go to for the “cement trough”!

It never would have occurred to us.  But there they were – a bunch of them — in the cement aisle.  Now, granted, you are not going to find a lot of pretty colors – they come only in basic black.  And there are only two sizes –at least at our Home Depot – medium and large.  But this was good enough for us. We got one of each.

Not only are the sizes of the cement troughs perfect for accommodating multiple cats – about 40 inches by 30 inches for the large and 30 by 24 for the medium —  but how they are made makes them the PERFECT litter box! Instead of being squared off, the sides are curved – to make cement – or in our case, litter — removal easy.  No more corners to have to scrape out!

Another plus was the price. We paid about $12 for the large trough and $7 for the medium one. Scooping just got a lot easier!

cement trough

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