Kitty feeding bowls – a solution when company comes

With multiple cats, you have multiple feeding bowls.  It’s not the prettiest site when company comes over. At the same time, of course, your cats have to eat, and, as creatures of habit, will not understand it if you move their dining table!

We recently converted a closest pantry into a more accessible storage area that started as an old, unwanted entertainment unit.  (You can pick these up for CHEAP – sometimes for FREE — check Craigslist, garage sales and eBay.)  Removing the closet pantry freed up some floor space and created a perfect area for us to create a dining area for our kitties.

But there were still a few problems:  Occasional dry food leaving crumbs all over the floor.  Bowls getting moved around.  And the risk of someone tripping on a wayward food bowl. Well, our contractor came up with the perfect solution: the disappearing kitty dining table.

IMG_2409IMG_2410Our contractor installed a feeding DRAWER underneath the unit. The drawer has sides so that loose food cannot get out.  And the best part – it rolls right back into the unit after use. The cats love it –and no more worries about food bowls getting kicked or broken!

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