Antique storage bin holds leashes & supplies

Caring for and cleaning up after multiple pets can be time consuming as anyone who does it knows!  So at our house, we are always looking for ways to simplify everything and save time.

This applies to making pet supplies easy to store and access. Its fun to try to find storage solutions that can be incorporated into your home’s decor where they are most likely to be used. This prevents the pet family members from having to look for the items in multiple places before using them.

We found this cool antique storage bin at a flea market. I think we paid about $20.  (I recently saw a similar on eBay.) The deep storage area is perfect for concealing clean up bags and the round spindle is great for hanging up leashes.  It’s also large enough to hold doggie coats, sweaters, booties, and whatever other supplies you might have. We hung the storage bin right inside the front door for easy access before walks. In the picture, you see a few umbrellas that have been hung here for easy reach in bad weather. IMG_2406 IMG_2407

What I really like about this piece is that it doesn’t take up floor space. Our home is on the smaller side, so we are careful not to overcrowd. We find that this piece helps to balance the antique railroad station bench that sits to the left of it without taking up a lot of wall space.

This storage bin is a perfect example of incorporating function into your décor. Shop flea markets for unusual storage solutions that add style and interest to any home. We left this bin in the natural wood, but it could easily be painted to fit shabby chic, contemporary or any décor!

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