5 tips for choosing a durable sofa for your pet-friendly home

You might think I’m crazy for having a NEW sofa.   I recently replaced an inexpensive sofa and loveseat that lasted about 12 years with a more pricey – and durable – set.  Pet lovers might say I’m nuts for doing this, but I think if you choose the right type of fabric and construction, you can’t go wrong.  Here are a few tips:

  1. IMG_2403Choose a fabric that will not snag or tear. I chose a polyester fiber.  I love this fabric for its durability. The fibers are tight with almost a burlap quality.  I know this sounds not very comfortable – but it is — and how many people lay naked on the sofa?!IMG_2398
  2. Make sure the fabric is protected. Ask the furniture store about Scotchgarding or other protective coatings that are right for the fabric you choose. How do I clean my sofa and loveseat?  I take a damp (cold water) sponge and wipe it across the fabric.  The pet fur will almost “peel” off.   I find that vacuum cleaners for pet hair on furniture are a waste of time.
  3. Choose a style with removable cushions on the BACK (in addition to the seat.) It’s much easier to remove a cushion for a repair than to have to take in a whole sofa, loveseat or chair!  I wish I would have followed this tip long ago!

    Removeable back cushions are a must!
  4. Buy good construction. I looked for Made in U.S. and solid WOOD construction. My sofa was made in North Carolina.  You want a heavy piece that is not going to move when a larger pet jumps on it.
  5. Buy extra fabric! The salesperson said that NO ONE has ever asked for this.  I was surprised. If you are having a sofa (or other upholstered furniture) made, NEVER forget to buy an extra couple yards of the fabric.  Some stores may throw this in for you at no additional charge. Many manufacturers discontinue patterns and colors after a few years.  If you do need to make a repair, you’ll avoid having to reupholster the whole piece just because you cannot locate the fabric.

My set is several years old now – and – as you can see in the pictures — still looks brand new!

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